Turn It Up! VERN DAYSEL – Shootin’ the Breeze

Vern Daysel’s music should be playing on every radio station, streaming out of car windows and across beaches with bone-rattling volume. His recently released debut album – Shootin’ the Breeze – is insanely fantastic from start to finish. The 11 songs vary in mood and intensity, from the party tune to the thoughtful ballad, all with contagious melodies and lyrics you can’t help but sing out loud.

Vern’s style is blues-inflected southern rock. His voice is grit and passion. The sound of his guitar is so perfectly clean that I can almost feel the shine coming off the strings.

In case I haven’t made myself clear, I love this album! Here’s a look:

Shootin' The Breeze

  1. Ride Like Lightning
  2. S**t Creek
  3. Without a Silver Spoon
  4. Way Down on the Line
  5. Shootin’ the Breeze
  6. Till I See You Again
  7. Beat, Worn Out, Run Down
  8. Movin’ on
  9. Bad Reputation
  10. Light It up
  11. Lonesome Road






This is the feel-good title track, Shootin’ the Breeze:


This is the slow-burning heartbreak that brings tears to my eyes and an ache to my core, Lonesome Road:


Vern Daysel is a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist from South Africa.

Vern Daysel
Vern Daysel

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If you like what you hear, please consider connecting with Vern and supporting his music.


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