Experimental Rock – GUNS OF THE SENECA – ‘Citizens of the Universe’

I am woefully behind on the submissions to our suggestion box, and consequently I – and perhaps you – have been missing out on some great music. Guns of the Seneca is one band whose music languished unheard for too long. Back in March, they released their debut album, Citizens of the Universe. This is experimental/progressive rock that gives me shades of Yes and Rush, with an electronic spin. Of the 9 tracks, 6 are instrumental. The vibe is like an acid trip in space.


    1. Tell Them About the Frequencies (We’ve Found)
    2. Largo Parenchyma
    3. Heterochromatic
    4. Sensory Distortions
    5. Magnum Morte
    6. The Vanishing of Isle de Jean Charles
    7. All Kinds of Exhaustion
    8. Sparse
    9. Oneironaut








This track is Sensory Distortions:

And here’s one with lyrics. This is All Kinds of Exhaustion:

The band had this to say about their chosen name:

“Guns of the Seneca” refers to mistpouffers –mysterious booming noises heard over Lake Seneca, NY that are thought to be the guns and cannons of the lost soldiers of the Battle of Seneca Town during the Revolutionary War.


Guns of the Seneca are a true indie band, having written, recorded, and produced this album on their own. They’re from Raceland, Louisiana.

Guns of the Seneca

Grant Olivier – Bass / Percussion
David Plair – Guitar / Vocals / Synth
Britton Frost – Drums / Percussion

Connect, Stream, Purchase

Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Spotify / Soundcloud / Bandcamp / Amazon / iTunes

If you like what you hear, please consider connecting with the band and supporting their music.


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