Album Spotlight: LIGHTS ALL ASKEW by Chris Watkins and Drunk Poets

[Post by Darcia Helle, originally posted at Soundwaves Review]

Chris Watkins is a singer-songwriter with that rare, indefinable something of musicians such as Lou Reed and Bob Dylan. This is the kind of music you sit with and savor. Chris and his band Drunk Poets recently released an album called Lights All Askew, which feels timeless, like it should already be a classic.

  1. Munich
  2. Looking Glass Life
  3. Soldiers and Dogs
  4. Ivory Towers
  5. Lasses and Ladies
  6. Dark Old Houses
  7. Broken Gate
  8. Cheerleader in Love
  9. Souls Midnight
  10. Lights All Askew

My favorite is the title song, Lights All Askew, but that’s not available to share with you here. So I’m sharing Dark Old Houses, which might be my second favorite. Really, they’re all brilliant. Just play the entire album on repeat.


Back in April, I reviewed Chris’s equally brilliant album, London Can Take It. If you missed that, you can find it here: ‘London Can Take It’ – Chris Watkins, Drunk Poets, and the Album I Had To Buy


Chris Watkins is from Alaska. He formed his original version of the Drunk Poets band when he was a teenager. He has continued the band name, with various members, throughout the years.

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If you like what you hear, please consider connecting with Chris and supporting his music.


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