New Release: Time – Sidewatcher (Available as Limited Edition Cassette!)


The ever-innovative band Sidewatcher have a new release and it’s quite special. Not only is it a wonderful collection of rock/punk tunes, but it is currently available to pre-order as a limited edition of 100 copies on cassette! Yes… cassette! Remember those? I used to love cassettes back when they were the norm. Here’s your chance to own a fantastic 4-track EP in an original way.

Track listing:

1. Time

2. Little Bird

3. Silhouettes

4. Twenty-Nine Cents

You can pre-order the cassette or stream and buy the digital copy of the EP now on Bandcamp. Shipping of the cassettes will begin mid-August 2016 (Clear tape, released on WIENER RECORDS).

Get your copy while you can!



Band bio:

Garage Surf/Barbie Punk/Prom Rock.

Sidewatcher’s music is a sweetheart with a switchblade. It’s the teenage girl who was ditched at prom and now has blood in her eyes. Mixed with waves of garage surf, Sidewatcher’s songs have a barbie punk/prom rock vibe that take you on a trip through sick love and manipulative alien boyfriends.

Zoë, Dylan, & AJ.

Follow the band:







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