Echotape at City Showcase – Embankment Summer Market – 16/7/16

The Embankment Summer Market runs from 15th-17th July this year. There are lots of bands and musicians playing acoustic gigs, market stalls selling clothes, art, jewellery, and everything in between.


It was a lovely summer’s afternoon in London today, perfect for relaxing in the sun and listening to some music.

I’ve been following Echotape for a while now and was looking forward to seeing them play live. I got a bit lost on the way to the event! I walked in the wrong direction for a while and then crossed over to the other side of the river and ended up in a completely different festival! 😀 Just when I was going to give up and go home, I finally found the park, which is tucked away to the left of the exit from Embankment Station.

I could hear Echotape playing their awesome song “Friend Like Me” when I entered the market, and followed the music until I found the stage.

Cnfj3VsWIAE4EeD[photo credit: Bob Marsden:]

Marc and Bow from the band played a fantastic half hour session. I really enjoyed it. Songs included “Whiskey Bar”, and a cover version of “Don’t You Want Me” (Human League). As well as being talented musicians who create brilliant original music, this band do the best cover versions. You can check out some of them on their Youtube page. They also have an album of cover versions which is free to download on Bandcamp.

The crowd who had gathered on the beach chairs at City Showcase today seemed to be enjoying the show too. There was a lot of hand-clapping, and when Marc (singer) announced that they only had time for one more song I heard someone near me saying that they wanted to hear more.

The acoustic session was short but was a brilliant way to showcase this band’s talent. They’re one of the best new bands out there at the moment.

Echotape will release their debut album, “Wicked Way” on July 29th. It includes many songs that online fans who’ve been following the band will be familiar with: “See You Soon”, “All My Days”, “We’ve Been Dreaming”, etc. You can pre-order a copy from iTunes:

echotape-wickedway-cover2016You can catch their album launch show at the Sebright Arms in London, on 28th of July. Get tickets:

Ck5PIdVW0AAjSmFFollow the band:







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