Gig Review: NEVERTEL and Other Bands – The Orpheum, Tampa

OrpheumThis past Friday night, my husband and I went to a show at The Orpheum Theater in Ybor City, an area that is part of Tampa, Florida. We went specifically to see a local rock band called Nevertel. Last April, the band released Living Fiction, their fantastic debut album, which I reviewed on this blog. If you missed that post, you can find it here: LIVING FICTION – Debut Album by Nevertel

Back to the show. Multiple bands were playing that evening. I hadn’t heard any of the others, and was looking forward to finding some new gems. Life often giggles at my expectations.

We arrived midway through the first band’s set. That band was a young duo: a drummer and a singer/guitarist.  They weren’t terrible but, in my opinion, they also weren’t anywhere near ready for a public stage. The second band, called Sowing Seasons, renewed my hope for the evening. Their style is pop-punk with lots of energy. All of the members are talented musicians. Two members, one of the male guitarists and the female bassist, alternate singing lead. This gives their sound a cool diversity. They’ve released a lyric video for Found, a single off their upcoming, debut album, Life In Color.

You can connect with Sowing Seasons on Facebook.

Next up was a band whose name I don’t remember and wouldn’t tell you if I did. They were terrible. Truly. Their style was a bizarre mix of emo and death metal. The bass player/lead singer’s vocals sounded more like a whine. Another guy bounced around the stage with his mic, occasionally interjecting a low-pitched howl kind of scream. I found no connection between the bassist/singer’s polite, though not good, singing, and the guy who just liked to scream stuff. The other musicians were probably talented enough individually, but sounded like they couldn’t agree on which song they were playing at any given time. The result was a discordant mess.

The fourth band was equally terrible, though for different reasons. The singer simply couldn’t sing well, though he did perform as if he was a rock star. Points for that, I suppose. The other band members were okay. I felt they were under the impression that generating extreme volume was the  same as generating great sound. So I won’t tell you their name either.

By this time, I’m sure I was making some less than happy faces at the room in general and the bands in particular. Fortunately, the fifth band up was Nevertel, and they rescued me from musical hell. These guys know how to rock. Their vibe reminds me of early Linkin Park, with the rap-injected rock. Both the rapper/singer and the lead singer have great voices, working off one another exceptionally well. They are all talented musicians individually, and together they gel into a fantastic wall of sound.

Here is Nevertel’s music video for Rebound, a single off their debut album, Living Fiction:

If you’d like to connect with these guys and support their music, here are some links:

Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Spotify / Bandcamp / Amazon / iTunes

We hung around after Nevertel’s set, in hopes that the next band would be great. They didn’t even rise to mediocre. But all was not lost, as we got to hang with the Nevertel guys and I got a t-shirt and my CD signed. 🙂



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