Musicians Against Homelessness – THE BIG WELSH WEEKEND in Merthyr Tydfil

12803159_973039072777998_4905078866923827891_nMusicians Against Homelessness (MAH) is an organisation that raises funds for the homeless charity Crisis and provides gig opportunities for up-and-coming bands. They have recently announced various festivals and gigs around the country. You can find more details on their Facebook page:

THE BIG WELSH WEEKEND in Merthyr Tydfil has been organised by Blaine Madgwick from Three Monkeys Music for MAH.

Three awesome bands that we’ve featured regularly on Real Rock and Roll will be playing at the festival on Saturday 1st of October 2016: Buck & Evans, Florence Black, and Red Room Therapy.

Cm69kGgWAAAr9NeTHE BIG WELSH WEEKEND is a 3-day event at 2 venues and there will be lots of up and coming bands to check out.

Keep an eye on the MAH Facebook page for ticket information: and follow them on Twitter to keep up with all the news about this event and other similar events around the country.




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