Album review – THE AMORETTES ‘White Hot Heat’

whitehotheatScottish rockers The Amorettes is a band with something special in its tank: I’ve been a fan ever since I first tripped over their tunes on YouTube, and I thought their debut album ‘Game On’ (read my review) was a knockout.

The follow-up album ‘White Hot Heat’ is another stellar outing from the band: serving up some (white-hot), hard-driving, rough and raw rock and roll. This is just the right blend of hard rock / pub rock / rock and roll to shake the dust off your speakers and your eardrums.

The band roars out of the gate with the swaggering and speeding ‘Batter Up’, followed by ‘Let the Neighbours Call The Cops’ – co-written with Ricky Warwick of The Black Star Riders and Thin Lizzy – a rowdy and rip-roaring rocker that is just hellishly hooky.

And the hits just keep on coming. Other standout tracks include the (explicit!) sharp-tongued and heavy rocking ‘Roll’ (I love this damn tune), the magnificently riffy ‘Crusader’, and the rough and ready two-some ‘Eyes On The Prize’ and ‘Pervert Alert’.


‘White Russian Roulette’ is another one of my favourite tracks here: when that heavy bass and strutting guitar get going on this tune it’s impossible to resist. Special mention to the hot and heavy ‘Man Meat’ -delivered with some blazing guitar work and a definite sense of humour.

By the time the band sets off the glorious powder-keg ‘Stealing Thunder’, it’s clear that this band has delivered another rock-solid album.

The Amorettes don’t do fancy and they don’t do fake: they are a blood sweat and beers kind of band, and I love them for it. Gruff, rough, and 100 percent rock and f-ing roll. It’s awesome stuff.

No videos from the new album are available yet when I write this, so enjoy ‘Give ‘Em Hell’ from ‘Game On’ instead!

The Amorettes official website / Facebook / Twitter


  1. Batter Up
  2. Let the Neighbours Call The Cops
  3. Come ‘n’ Get It
  4. Roll
  5. Crusader
  6. Eyes On The Prize
  7. Pervert Alert
  8. White Russian Roulette
  9. Man Meat
  10. Stealing Thunder


  • Gill – guitar/vocals
  • Hannah – drums/backing vocals
  • Heather – bass/backing vocals


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