‘Red Eye’ by VARDIS – New Album After 30 Year Break!

Vardis has risen from the ashes! Three decades have passed since we’ve heard anything new from this band, and now they have returned with roaring vocals, hard-driving drums and bass, and some killer guitar riffs. This past May, Vardis released their comeback album Red Eye. Here’s a look:

  1. Red EyeRed Eye
  2. Paranoia Strikes
  3. I Need You Now
  4. The Knowledge
  5. Lightning Man
  6. Back To School
  7. Jolly Roger
  8. Head Of The Nail
  9. Hold Me
  10. 200 M.P.H.







This is Paranoia Strikes:


Vargis formed in 1973, and they were active as a band through to 1986. Then they took a break – a three decade break – getting back together in 2014. Red Eye is their first release since reforming.


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