Interview with Fragile Things


61xMF4zFxwL._SS500_SS280Track listing:

  1. Enemy Is I
  2. Open Cage
  3. Broken Sun
  4. So Cold

“Broken Sun” is the impressive debut EP by this 4-piece hard rock band from Milton Keynes and Brighton. Fragile Things’ songs have anthemic lyrics and catchy choruses. I love their debut single, “Broken Sun”, so was looking forward to hearing this EP. I was not disappointed.

All four tracks are great rock songs with awesome guitar riffs/solos; high energy rock tunes that are sure to get any crowd dancing and singing along. The vocals are crisp and clear. If you like rock music, you should grab a copy of this EP for your collection. With such a quality debut EP, it won’t be long before this band are catching the attention of the music press.

I invited the band here to chat about their music and current plans.

Interview with Fragile Things

13227219_477215692480753_4570236623167004962_n-1Introduce us to the band members and tell us a bit about your musical backgrounds.

We are Fragile Things! We are a 4 piece hard rock band from Milton Keynes and Brighton, we have Hugo Bowman on Drums, Mark Hanlon on guitar, Steve Lathwell on Bass and Richie Hevanz up front. You may remember Richie as the original lead singer of Heaven’s Basement. We all have many years experience performing in bands and musical projects.

Yes! I do remember Richie from Heaven’s Basement! 🙂 I saw them play Sonisphere’s Jägermeister stage in 2009.  I was blown away by the performance and bought the CD at the show 🙂 He’s a great singer!


How and when did the band get together?

Richie, Mark and Steve worked together previously in a band called Endless Mile with a few other people but it never really worked out. So in the new year we got together and worked on some new songs just to see where it went with the 3 of us and we were really excited about what we were coming out with so we decided to make a brand new band. We found Hugo a couple of months ago and since then we’ve been flat out working on loads of new songs and we can’t wait to get out on the road and play them to people.

Who came up with the band name “Fragile Things”?

Neil Gaiman haha. The name comes from one of his books called “These Fragile Things”. Richie read it and said he thought it was a really good name. It struck a chord with the rest of us too. To us it feels like it describes the tough challenges you face as a band and the battles you have to get through to get somewhere.

Well, as an author, I approve of anything named after a book 😉

Who are your musical heroes?

Tough question. We all have VERY different tastes. Mark for example loves his 70’s rock like Thin Lizzy whereas Hugo will happily pop on a TesseracT album. We appreciate all sorts of music and musical styles for different reasons.

You’ve just released a fantastic new EP and had a launch gig on June 19th. What was the crowd reaction to the new songs?

Thank you very much! The crowd was awesome! Every song seemed to get a genuine excited scream from everyone in the room! We saw so many Endless Mile fans that had made their way to Brighton from all parts of the country. Loads of them came up to us afterwards to tell us we blew all the old material out of the water and how they couldn’t wait for more!


13418904_488298234705832_3587853708538292989_nIs there an album planned?

Eventually I’d say so, although I think a second EP would be more likely first. Right now we just want to get out there and play. That isn’t to say that we haven’t got any ideas though. At the current count I think we have at least another 7 songs currently being written and many more ideas floating around.

Who usually writes the songs or is it a collaboration between all band members?

Mark is probably the main instigator when it comes creating the initial song ideas but we all meet up and usually sit and jam with an acoustic in Richie’s living room and pass every idea through the Fragile Thing’s filter so by the time the song is actually finished, we have all had our own input into it.

What inspires the lyrics for your songs?

Richie takes a lot of inspiration from his own life and manages to tell these stories in such an amazing way.

Do you have any other gigs/tours planned?

We are currently planning a tour which our booking agent, the lovely Pat Phillips-Hague is putting together for us. So keep an eye out, we have lots to announce soon!

What are some of the challenges facing bands just starting out?

Personally for us it’s the distance between us all. It’s a pain but we make it work! But on a national scale it has to be getting yourself heard. With so many bands trying to make a name for themselves there’s a lot of competition. And the competition is usually of a very high calibre. This makes it difficult to find gigs! It’s a catch 22, you can’t find gigs because you haven’t got a big enough following but you can’t get the following because you can’t get any gigs!

Which are your favourite social media sites, and why?

Facebook and Twitter for sure. Gives a real opportunity to talk to our fans. We really try to respond to everyone who gets in touch because without them, we wouldn’t be doing this! These 2 sites make it so easy to do that.

If you could write/compose a song with a musician (dead or alive), who would you choose and why?

We wouldn’t chose any. Most of them had a good enough thing going on without us getting in the mix and messing things up! haha


If you could tour with any other band, who would you choose and why?

AC/DC? The shear scale of what they do is incredible and to just have a small involvement in that would be mind blowing.

Any other news for your fans?

We’ve got a lot of new material being worked on, a new video in the pipeline and a load of gigs all over the country being booked up. So keep your eyes open!

Great! Will keep an eye out for all that 🙂 Thanks so much for answering my questions.


You can get your copy of the excellent debut EP, “Broken Sun” from iTunes:

Stream on Spotify:

Keep up with all the band’s news:








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