Gig Review: Crobot, The Bad Flowers, Dirty Thrills – London – 23rd June 2016

Thursday night at the 02 Academy 2 Islington, London, was a fantastic night for rock and roll music. It was a dream line-up for rock fans who have been following the independent music scene. Crobot were the headliners, supported by The Bad Flowers and Dirty Thrills.


First on stage were one of my favourite bands, Dirty Thrills. If you follow my blog you will know how much I love this band. I’ve seen them live a few times now. They are a super-talented bunch of musicians who always put on an amazing performance. Their set was about half an hour and they played songs from their excellent debut album and latest EP “Sweetheart of the Slums”.

No matter how many times I hear Dirty Thrills’ songs, they are still awesome. I’ve been following the band almost from the beginning, and have noticed how they have been drawing a larger crowd with each performance. It’s fantastic to see them getting some well deserved recognition. I chatted to Aaron (bass) and Jack (guitar) from the band after their performance and they told me that they are now spending time writing in the studio. This year they have toured in Europe as well as the UK, and much of their time has been spent promoting their music live, this means that inevitably there has been less time for them to spend creating new music. I personally can’t wait to hear some new music from these guys.

Dirty Thrills will be playing The Lexington with Ulysses on the 20th of July.


Get tickets:

Band links:





Next up were The Bad Flowers. I only recently found out about this amazing band. I’m glad I did. They are definitely a must-see band if you love rock music. In their half-hour set they played all the songs from their new EP. The band had sent me a link to the EP for a review a couple of weeks ago and I fell in love with it. (see my review here). I bought a copy of the CD from the merch stall at the gig and listened to it on repeat on the way home in the car. It’s absolutely fantastic! Don’t take my word for it, check it out on Spotify. You can buy it from iTunes:



The band also played “Hurricane” and “Living The Dream” (a former Track of the Day here on the Real Rock and Roll blog), from their brilliant “Killing Time” EP.

This three-piece band looked so at home on the stage and they took control of the crowd at the O2, delivering a flawless and confident performance. Each band member has a powerful stage presence. Tom Leighton (singer/guitar) is everything you’d want in a rock frontman; he led the band seemingly without effort, and has a magnetic quality. The rhythm section were as much in the limelight as the singer; even the drummer was centre stage, and he was able to interact with the audience throughout the performance. It’s great to see a good honest rock band where the egos are left at the door and it’s all about the music. Definitely a band to watch.

They’ll be playing the Godiva Fringe Fest @ The Arches in Coventry on 2nd July, and The Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham on 23rd July.

13533155_1795566674011157_8995169159221180097_nFollow the band to keep up with their news:






The headliners Crobot were the only band I didn’t know much about. I’d listened to a couple of their songs before the show, and I knew that our Maria Haskins here on Real Rock and Roll is a big fan.

I now know what all the fuss is about 🙂 This band puts on a fantastic show. All the band members really make an effort to interact with the crowd. There were many fans of the band in the audience who were singing along. Their music ranges from bluesy to funky and psychedelic rock. I really enjoyed the show. It was energetic and fun. Definitely an experience well-worth seeing.

The band played songs from their latest album, their new single, “Not For Sale” (a recent Track of the Day here on the blog), and they also played a few new songs from their album which is due to be released later in the year. Everything sounded good! I’ll definitely be checking out their albums now!

Crobot have recently announced an upcoming US tour supported by The VirginMarys and Aeges.


Check out the band’s website for details of all upcoming tour dates.

Band links:





To sum up, it was a very enjoyable evening. Three very talented bands. A nice touch was that each band seemed very supportive of the others on the bill, to the extent that at least one band member in each band was sporting a T-shirt of another band in the line-up. You should try to catch them when they play a venue near you.



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