EP review – THE SILENT DEEDS ‘Desert Town’

deserttownThe Silent Deeds is a rock and roll crew from Perth, Australia, and ‘Desert Town’ is the band’s debut EP. There is impressive depth and beauty in both melodies and lyrics here, as well as a rich, warm sound that is a real treat to listen to. With great vocals and solid musicianship, this 4-track release is definitely a keeper.

In their bio, the band mentions influences like Foo Fighters, Tom Petty, U2, Pearl Jam, and Hoodoo Gurus. And yes, there are shiny bits and pieces of those sounds surfacing throughout ‘Desert Town’. I’d throw in The Eagles too, because of the smooth vocal harmonies on display here.

‘Rusty Chair’ opens the EP with a plaintive, big-sky rock-vibe, and lots of beautiful guitar. The tune also introduces the listener to front-man Corey “Tex” Ranger’s strong, emotionally charged vocals – “destiny has forgotten me”. There’s a wistfulness and sadness in both mood and lyrics on ‘Rusty Chair’ – as in all the tunes on this EP – but it’s shot through with gleams of hope and love.

‘Searching’ is my favourite track on ‘Desert Town’. It has some fantastic guitar work and stunning vocals, and glows with a haunting sadness. Voice and guitar play off each other beautifully throughout the EP, but it’s especially well done here. There’s also a brilliant nerve and tension in Ranger’s voice on this tune, and an awesome chorus: “keep on searching”.



‘The Darkness of the Night’ has a glistening melody and lyrics well worth listening to: “I’ll be your ghost, the one you speak to the most”. Final track ‘Desert Town’ explores the wounds of an old love “I’ve been waiting for our love to find a way”, and again shows off the band’s sure hand with lyrics and melodies. It’s a great way to finish a strong EP that leaves me wanting more from the band.

The Silent Deeds have a lot going for them: the band’s music and lyrics shine with depth and emotion, they’ve got strong vocals and a genuine sound that makes the band stand out. If you’re into well-crafted and beautifully done rock and roll, this is a band worth checking out.

The Silent Deeds official website / Facebook / Instagram


  1. Rusty Chair
  2. Searching
  3. The Darkness of the Night
  4. Desert Town


  • Corey “Tex” Ranger – vocals, rhythm guitar
  • Clayton Brown – lead guitar
  • Travis Brinnand – bass, backup vocals
  • Tom Filter – drums, backup vocals (past: Adam Quigley – bass)


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