‘Dark Necessities’ – brand new video from RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS


This damn track. It’s been stuck in my brain since I first heard it: so funky, so hooky and that gorgeous vibe and flow… Now there’s a new video for ‘Dark Necessities’, too, and it’s outstanding as well. It’s directed by Olivia Wilde (yes, that Olivia Wilde), and it features the band goofing off and rocking out in a 70s styled apartment. It also features four long boarders Carmen Shafer, Amanda Caloia, Amanda Powell, and Noelle Mulligan cruising through the night-dark streets, hanging out and sharing their scrapes and bruises.

I am in love with this video: it really captures the vibe of the music and it’s got an exhilarating feeling of adventure, friendship and doing what you love with people you love. Excellent stuff.

‘Dark Necessities’ is taken from Red Hot Chili Peppers new album ‘The Getaway’ – available now!

Band links:

Website: http://redhotchilipeppers.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chilipeppers

Twitter: https://twitter.com/chilipeppers

Instagram: http://instagram.com/chilipeppers

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