It’s always a sad day when one of your favourite bands calls it quits, and I am feeling that sadness today. This morning I read a statement on Crucified Barbara’s Facebook Page that the band is no more.

Here’s the full statement:

Hey everyone!

Today we are sad to say that a long journey has come to an end. Crucified Barbara were our dream and you all, made it come true!

The times we’ve had together as a band and shared on (and off) stage with you guys, leaves memories that no time can kill.

Our lives have parted and we need to move on. The last years have taken its toll on all of us and the joy of playing together got lost somewhere along the way.
But we are musicians at heart and the last chord is not taken for any of us, so we will probably see each other again, under different circumstances and in other variations.

Thanks to everyone we worked with during the years who believed in us when no one else did.
But without you, our fans, we wouldn’t have seen the beauty and the strength of what rock music can do.

Thank you again for making our dream come true!

All the best and biggest respect!


Crucified Barbara
Mia, Klara, Nicki, Ida

I was lucky enough to see the band play here in Vancouver last year when they toured with Girlschool, and it was an amazing show. Crucified Barbara were thunder and lightning, power and fury, pure essence of rock and roll on stage. They shook the floor and they almost blew the roof off the venue.

Crucified Barbara started out in 1998, and they’ve played gigs all over the world, sharing stages with rock and roll royalty like Girlschool, Motörhead, Doro, Sepultura, Velvet Revolver, and Black Sabbath.


‘In The Red’, the band’s last album, was an absolute masterpiece. I picked it as my favourite album the year it came out and I still love it to pieces. The band was good before ‘In The Red’, but that album was something special: it felt like it wasn’t just Crucified Barbara’s music, but Crucified Barbara’s heart and guts and brains and soul – everything they were as a band and as people seemed to come through on that album. If that is the band’s final musical statement to the world, then that’s a high note for sure.

I wish the band members nothing but good things for the future. And I’ll try to drown my sorrows by listening to ‘In The Red’ on repeat.

Two of my favourite Crucified Barbara quotes from an interview with

“A friend of mine who plays music has two daughters, and they like our band. One of the girls was looking at one of our videos and asked, “Mommy, can boys play Rock and Roll too?” ”

-Mia Coldheart

Q. … Ida Evileye, you are Crucified Barbara’s bass guitarist. Who would you say are your top three favorite bass guitar players of all time?

Ida Evileye – Geezer Butler, Geezer Butler, and…..Geezer Butler, totally.”

And some advice from Mia:

“Don’t wait to find the perfect band. You can’t sit home and dream about a band. You have to get out, meet people, play with a lot of different people.”

Crucified Barbara’s website / Facebook / Twitter

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