New Music: The Bad Flowers EP

I’m very excited to announce that The Bad Flowers have a new EP coming out very soon, and it’s fantastic! I’ve just listened to a pre-release version and was blown away. I was hooked by the first 2 EPs I heard from The Bad Flowers, and now they have produced this gem! I’ve said it before and will say it again, this is definitely a band to watch. It’s one of the best rock EPs I’ve heard in a long time, and that’s saying something as I listen to a lot of music. The vocals, the guitars, and the lyrics all work together to produce something exceptional.

Track listing:

    1. Can You Feel It?
    2. City Lights
    3. Big Country
    4. Run, Run, Run

13393946_1788175591416932_4879541009957485538_nThe band will be releasing “City Lights”, the first single from the EP, on Sunday night via Soundcloud. The EP release will follow about a week after that (date to be announced).

Here’s my review:

The first track on the EP is “Can you Feel It?”. This song has brooding and passionate lyrics with a catchy chorus and an awesome guitar solo. It’s everything you’d want from a rock song. This song reminded me a bit of some early songs by The Cult. It has the same kind of energy.

Track 2 is “City Lights” – This one starts off slowly with heavy guitars and builds into an epic rock tune. As with track 1, the guitar parts are to die for. I think this band has something special in the way they create their music. They’ve obviously been influenced by the greats, but they also seem to have tapped into something quite original; a formula for creating the best rock tunes.

“Big Country” is the next song. It’s a high energy guitar-driven rock song. The lyrics are thought-provoking and heartfelt (as they are throughout the EP).

“Run, Run, Run”, track 4, is the most Blues based of the tunes on this EP, I think. Great lyrics that many will relate to, and again the guitars are amazing.

As I was listening to the EP I kept thinking this is too good to be true. The next track is going to be not-so-good. I was proved wrong every time! This is an amazing collection of songs. The whole EP made me even more eager to see this band live because if their live performances are anything like their music, they will be a must-see band. The band are on tour in June and July in the UK; the tour includes 3 shows with Crobot and Dirty Thrills.

13330950_1787521841482307_7546223905695556076_nIf you missed my interview with Tom Leighton (guitar/vocals), you can catch up here:

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