Featured Album: Love Sex Freedom Fire – Darryl Alan Marks

Rock and punk are mixed together in Love Sex Freedom Fire, the single by Darryl Alan Marks, released from his debut album of the same title. This single has one of the coolest videos I’ve seen in some time. So kick back, listen, and enjoy:



Here’s a look at the album:


  1. Love Sex Freedom Fire
  2. We Gonna Take the Night
  3. I Feel Free
  4. Million Stories
  5. Stars
  6. Vampire Lover
  7. Lose Yourself in My Arms
  8. Bonfire on the Beach
  9. Born to Rock and Roll
  10. Lying Together in the Morning Light
  11. Lonely Tonight
  12. I Just Miss Your Touch
  13. We Will Fly
  14. City of Angels
  15. Johnny and Roxy
  16. Vampire Lover (Acoustic)

Darryl Alan Marks is an independent South African musician and filmmaker. This is the essence of an indie project, as Darryl states that he created everything on his own, with no other songwriters, directors, animators, special effects crews, or sound engineers.

Love Sex Freedom Fire “is an album about love… Loss… Life… Light… Lust… Sex… Power… Energy… Revolution… Adrenaline…Fantasy… Angels… Demons… Truth… Desire… And everything in between…”

Darryl Marks
Darryl Alan Marks

Connect, Stream, Purchase:

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If you like what you hear, please consider connecting with Darryl and supporting his music.


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