Album review – HELL’S ADDICTION ‘Broken’

HellsAddiction_BrokenSome bands mellow with time and sometimes that’s a good thing, sometimes not. Other bands just seem to hone their sharp and hard edge until they cut even deeper than before. That is the case with Leicester-based band Hell’s Addiction. The band’s new album ‘Broken’ (set for release July 2) is a raw, gut-punching, ripping and roaring release that burns with a white-hot intensity.

Lyrics may not be safe for work at times, but are definitely safe for hard and heavy rocking and head banging. This is rock in the vein of AC/DC, Guns ‘n Roses, and Mötley Crüe, and it’s delivered with stunning ferocity and fearlessness.

I loved Hell’s Addiction’s debut album ‘Raise Your Glass’ (read my review), and ‘Alcohol’ – the track (and video) that first sparked my interest in the band – is still one of my favourite tunes. ‘Broken’ builds on and strengthens the band’s early sound, delivering 10 top-notch tracks. Ben Sargent’s voice is gritty and strong (at times a hard-rocking demon-scream), the two guitars rage and rumble, and the rhythm section is brutally, punishingly strong.

Favourite tracks for me include the album’s hot and heavy blast-off ‘What You Gonna Do?”; the dark and edgy ‘Lost’ with its fiery energy; and the totally brilliant ‘Backs To The Wall’ – a tune that is twisted, ragged, rough, and screamingly good.


‘Blue Lights’ opens with a gentler, almost wistful vibe – right before the guitars rip their claws into it with an almost Thin Lizzy-esque dual guitar sound. This tune, and the title track ‘Broken’ – with some beautiful, plaintive guitar-work before it turns into a hard-rocking scream of heartbreak and pain – are as soft as the band goes on this release. Meaning: not so soft, but soft enough to reveal that there is heart beneath the hard and heavy surface.

The track that is possibly my absolute, standout fave on this album is ‘Holiday’. It’s a kind of ‘holy smokes, is that ever good!’ kind of tune, a hip shaker and a headbanger, that is foulmouthed and fierce, and brings on some irresistibly heavy drum and bass.

For fans of Hell’s Addiction, this album is everything you want and need. If you’re not a fan yet, it might just make you a convert, too. The album is set for release July 2: don’t miss it!

Hell’s Addiction is also on tour this summer:

June 2016

  • 9th Download Festival, Castle Donnington
  • 25th Wildfire Festival, South Lanarkshire

July 2016

  • 16th SOS Festival, Prestwich
  • 23rd Firebug, Leicester

September 2016

  • 10th Redemption Festival, Wakefield

Hell’s Addiction’s official web-page / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube


  1. What You Gonna Do?
  2. Lost
  3. Backs To The Wall
  4. Blue Lights
  5. The Rocker
  6. Get The Fuck
  7. Passion For Power
  8. Holiday
  9. Broken
  10. Time Has Come


  • Ben Sargent: lead vocals
  • Liam Sargent: lead/rhythm guitar & backing vocals
  • Adam Bramley: lead/rhythm guitar
  • Jason Green: bass & backing vocals
  • Luke Morley: drums



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