Track of the Day: ‘Words Like Fire’ by Death Valley Dreams

I might just be a little bit addicted to today’s track of the day. The band is Death Valley Dreams, and the song is Words Like Fire. Be prepared to play it on repeat.



Death Valley Dreams is four guys from Pennsylvania. They have only been a band since the fall of 2015, but clearly they were meant to make music together. According to their website, Death Valley Dreams “recently signed a production and management deal with Jeff Hanson of JHMP (Creed, Sevendust, Paramore) and former radio programmer Rick Schmidt (DC101, 98 Rock, Planet Radio) who are operating as a production, marketing and A&R team under the name Fuzz Factory Records.”

Words Like Fire

While I do love the band’s sound, I have to say I’m not a fan of their photo. The whole mounted head thing… Anyway, here they are:

Death Valley Dreams
Death Valley Dreams

Nick Coyle – Vocal/Guitar/Synth
Jon Nova – Guitar/Synth/Vocal
Ryan Dougherty – Bass/Vocal
Matt Rutkoski – Drums/Samples

Connect, Stream, Purchase:

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  1. They’re good! I listened to more of their songs and really like them. The lead singer’s vocals remind me a bit of Interpol’s Paul Banks. In fact, their sound – to my ears at least – is a melding of Interpol and Psychedelic Furs, two bands I love.

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