Sons of Southern Ulster and their ‘Foundry Folk Songs’

[Post by Darcia Helle, originally posted on Soundwaves Review]

So Ulster is a province in Ireland. I had no idea. I have enough trouble navigating the US. But you don’t care about my geographically challenged mentality. I was curious about the place, because this band whose details were dropped into our suggestion box calls themselves Sons of Southern Ulster. The band, not the province, is the topic of our discussion today.

Sons of Southern Ulster is two guys – Justinus J. Kelly and David J. Meagher. Their style is, I think punk wrapped up in a folk package. Their lyrics are meant to provoke. They tells stories, giving us a hint of fun, then a slam of fist in the face. Not literally, of course. But it feels that way at times. Their songs are about good times and hardships, twisting the two together so maybe they become the same thing.

Late last year Sons of Southern Ulster released an album called Foundry Folk Songs. Here’s a look:

  1. The Pop Inn
  2. Farmers’ Hall
  3. McElearneys Says…
  4. Cavan Cola
  5. For the Love of Jesus
  6. Harry Clarke
  7. Kung Fu Kicks
  8. Rock on Tommy
  9. Sons of Southern Ulster

According to the band, this album is “a series of songs focussing upon growing up in rural Ireland (just south of the border in Co. Cavan) during the eighties – shit discos, fighting, chip vans, occasional visits up to the big smoke or across the border to buy cheap booze/radios and, of course, fumbled romance!” And, yes, the album is certainly that. I feel the album is a bold commentary, both entertaining and thought-provoking.

This one is The Pop Inn, which is a story of pop culture and life and reflections on growing older:


This one is Cavan Cola, which might be a song about a soft drink, or it might be something else entirely:


Justinus J. Kelly
David J. Meagher

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