Track of the Day: ‘Heart On Your Sleeve’ by Kris Barras Band

Kris Barras has a soulful voice and mad guitar skills. His group, the Kris Barras Band, is drenched in the blues. They recently released an album called Lucky 13, which is where today’s track of the day can be found.

This is Heart On Your Sleeve:


Here’s a look at the album:

  1. Lucky 13Heart on Your Sleeve
  2. I Got Time
  3. Rock ‘n’ Roll Running Through My Veins
  4. Can’t Help You Now
  5. I’m Gone
  6. Nothing to Hide
  7. Tearing Me Apart
  8. Big City Lights
  9. Small Town Blues
  10. Too Dumb to Care
  11. Devil’s Done Alright





Meet the Band:

Kris Barras Band
Kris Barras Band

Vocals, Guitar / Kris Barras
Keyboards / Matty ‘Muscles’ Vowels
Bass / Ricky Mitchell
Drums / Will Beavis

Connect, Stream, Purchase:

Website / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Spotify / Amazon / iTunes


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