To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere – THRICE’S Killer New Album

Thrice’s new album ‘To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere’ was officially released today! This might just be their best album so far. Some descriptors that come to mind as I listen: hard-edged, raw, provocative, profound, compelling. The album is not meant to be nor is it able to be background noise. The music carries us with raging highs and beautiful dips, while Dustin Kensre’s voice demands we pay attention.

Here’s a look at the album:


  1. Hurricane
  2. Blood On The Sand
  3. The Window
  4. Wake Up
  5. The Long Defeat
  6. Seneca
  7. Black Honey
  8. Stay With Me
  9. Death From Above
  10. Whistleblower
  11. Salt And Shadow









This is Black Honey:


This one is Wake Up:


And here is Death From Above:


Meet the Band:


Dustin Kensrue – Vocals/Guitar
Teppei Teranishi – Guitars
Ed Breckenridge – Bass
Riley Breckenridge – Drum

Connect, Stream, Purchase:

Website / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Spotify / Amazon / iTunes

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