Album Review: ‘The Money Eaters’ by HOKUM

Hokum is a four-piece progressive rock band from Johannesburg, South Africa. They’ve been playing together more than a decade now, and have formed a style and sound all their own. Last year, they released an album called The Money Eaters. I’m listening to that album now, for the second time, and I’m still not sure what to think about their music. I don’t mean that as a negative. The album is simply impossible to pin down. They’re a bit like Tool and A Perfect Circle – or just Maynard Keenan – in the sense that their music is expansive, floating, ever-changing sounds. I also hear shadows of punk, maybe along the lines of the Ramones. There’s a little Marilyn Manson feel, a harder edge similar to Mastodon, and even some shades of early Black Sabbath. Occasionally I also catch a Pink Floyd vibe.

That might seem like a crazy mishmash of styles, and it is, but it totally works for this band. They aren’t copying anyone, and might not even be influenced by some of the bands I mentioned. They’re playing hard rock music the way they want to play it, with no rules.

Here’s a look at the album, The Money Eaters:

  1. The Money EatersEarworm
  2. The Emerald
  3. Building Graveyard
  4. Kiss the Weapon
  5. Touch Power
  6. The Capital
  7. The Money Eaters
  8. Don’t Save Me
  9. Blue Candles
  10. Mobility
  11. Converse
  12. The Eaters
  13. Bury Life
  14. Decay Encoded
  15. The Light That Never Ends
  16. Tin [Explicit]
  17. Singing in Madness



This track is Kiss the Weapon:


This one is Converse:


And here is The Light That Never Ends:


Meet the Band:

Scott Wareham – Vocals/Guitar
Jason Jackson – drums
Conrad de Jong – Guitar
Sarah Wolff – Keyboards/Piano

Connect, Stream, Purchase:

Facebook / Twitter / ReverbNation / Bandcamp / Amazon

If you like what you hear, please consider connecting with the band and letting them know!


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