New Album! ‘Godzimoth’ by Burn Blue Sky

This feature came by way of the suggestion box on our sister site, Soundwaves Review. I’m dropping it here instead, because the band’s style is a much better fit here on Rock And Roll. I’ve been overwhelmed with requests, and consequently haven’t had time to listen to the whole EP in order to give you a review. But I wanted to get this out in the world, so, instead, I’m giving a shout to all rock lovers to help spread the word for these guys.

Burn Blue Sky has just released a hard rocking EP called Godzimoth. Their music is guaranteed to wake you up!


  1. Bar Ballz
  2. Godzimoth
  3. December Song
  4. May Song
  5. Black Paw
  6. Black Paw II
  7. September Song











This one is the title song, Godzimoth:


And this is September Song:


Burn Blue Sky is four guys from Ohio. Godzimoth is their album to feature vocalist/frontman Jeff Fahl as a full-time member.

Meet the Band:

Burn Blue Sky
Burn Blue Sky

Jason Stone-Guitar
Jeff Fahl-Vocals
Beau McGranahan-Drums
Gabe McGranahan-Bass
Mike Carlton-Guitar

Connect, Stream, Purchase:

Website / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Soundcloud / Spotify / Amazon / iTunes


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