Album Review: Renegade Genesis – The Dead Reds

Last month I featured The Dead Reds on the blog when they released the first single from their new album. The album, “Renegade Genesis”, has now been released! I’ve just been listening to it and really enjoyed it, so I had to share! If you like blues/rock, you should check it out.

The band played a launch gig for the album yesterday. Here’s a video of them playing “Disobey”.


Renegade Genesis is heavy blues album with attitude. The first track “Renegade Genesis” is more of a statement against repression and corruption in the modern world, and the lyrics are speech over music. It’s hard-hitting and sets the scene for the rest of the album.

“Disobey”, the second song (video above), was the first single released last month. A brilliant track with social commentary told through a poignant story.

“Digital Age” follows next; another catchy blues track, with glorious guitar riffs overlaid with harmonica. The lyrics are about ‘information overload’ in the age of Internet, and the influence of the media.

Track 4 is “Judgement Day”, a heavy blues track where the harmonica is key. A melodic track which seems to be a statement about repercussions.

Next is the awesome “Scorch The Earth”, quite a traditional blues song, which sounds very much to me like something Jimi Hendrix would have played and sung.

Track 6, “Coming For The Crown”, is the longest track on the album at just over five minutes. It’s another hard-rocking heavy blues song with a great rhythm and pounding drums.

Finally, “Adam’s Descent” is an interesting track containing observation about mankind. Like the first track on the album, this is speech rather than song over music. A great way to end what is a fabulous album, full of relevant lyrics, strong vocals, and wonderful heavy blues music.

Get a copy from Bandcamp: or iTunes:

You can also stream it on Spotify.

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