Album Review: AUTOLOGY by The Sonic Revolvers

I feel like a spoiled kid on the playground, taunting the other kids with that awful “Nah, nah, nahnah, nah!” But, really, I want to do stick out my tongue and do just that. Why? Because I got an early listen of the upcoming EP Autology by The Sonic Revolvers.


  1. Bullet Heart
  2. Blackstar
  3. An American City
  4. NSA
  5. Hurricane







The song Bullet Heart opens with a hard-driving guitar and a drumbeat that has me jamming in my seat, making myself dizzy because my laptop is bouncing all over the place. Darrel Tinsley’s vocals pull us in, riding just over the music, then soaring during the chorus. So, yeah, I became an instant fan on that first song.

Next we have the song Blackstar, which has been released as a single and has an intriguing video to go with it. This song has some cool bass riffs, as well.

An American City is a melancholy story, giving us a softer, acoustic vibe.

NSA has a strong alternative feel. This one has also been released as a single:

And the closer, Hurricane, gives us that familiar driving beat with some compelling lyrics.

Autology is set for release on June 24. Two of the songs, Blackstar and NSA, are now available for purchase as singles.

On a side note, I have to comment on the cover art for both the album and for the singles being released. I love the creativity and uniqueness of their designs.

The Sonic Revolvers is four guys from Cheshire, UK

The Sonic Revolvers
The Sonic Revolvers

Darrell Tinsley- Vocals
Richey Jones – Guitar
Mike Jones- Drums
Anthony Young – Bass

Connect, Stream, Purchase:

Website / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Soundcloud / Spotify / iTunes


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