New Industrial Metal! ‘State of the Nation’ by PitVirus

Are you ready to get loud? PitVirus is a four-piece metal-rock band from Johannesburg, South Africa, and they are ready to blow up the airwaves. So why the name PitVirus? The band’s statement:


Their lyrics are edgy social and political commentary, set against industrial metal that has me cranking up the volume until my teeth rattle. The vibe is a little Marilyn Manson, a little Ministry, and a little carnival crazy. And I mean that in the best possible way!

Founding members Chris van der Walt (The Black Cat Bones, Boargazm) and Marc Junius (ex The Drift) met at a music festival, realized they shared a passion for industrial metal and writing gritty rock songs, and got to work. After writing some material, they asked drummer Tom Hughes of Fuzigish and Haggis & Bong to join them. The trio wrote and recorded some of the instrumentals, but still needed a vocalist. South African legend David Beretta Owens of Lithium and N8ive fame heard what the band had recorded and immediately agreed to join, completing the quartet that is now PitVirus.

Their debut EP ‘State of the Nation’ was independently released this past April.

  1. State of the UnionXeno Man
  2. Shed My Load
  3. Firepool
  4. Between These Walls
  5. Ugly Show







This is one of my favorite tracks, Between These Walls:

Was it a dream
The burning sweats
The midnight scream
The monsters hiding in-between
This cursed and unholy scene…


This one is Firepool:

Privileged pirates sit secure
And squander all we struggled for
Your ghastly deeds we can’t ignore
While you recline and laugh…


Meet the Band:


Chris Van Der Walt – Guitars
Marc Junius – Bass
Tom Hughes – Drums
David Beretta Owens – Vocals

Connect, Stream, Purchase:

Facebook / TwitterBandcamp

If you like what you hear, drop the band a note and let them know!




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