THE TEMPERANCE MOVEMENT – new video & a US-release date


The Temperance Movement is an absolutely amazing band: if you’ve listened to their latest album ‘White Bear’, or lucked out and seen them live (I saw them open for the equally amazing Monster Truck earlier this year), you know it’s the truth.


This band is just fire and passion on record and on stage, and the brand new video for ‘White Bear’ shows that off perfectly. (Read my review of ‘White Bear’.)

‘White Bear’ was released in Europe earlier this year, but now has an official US-release date as well: July 15th. I can only hope this means more tour-dates for the band on this side of the world. Read my gig-review from the Monster Truck / Temperance Movement gig in Vancouver.

‘White Bear’ is available for presale in USA – you get the lead single ‘White Bear’ as an instant download when ordering at iTunes:

You can also order a CD here

Check out the band’s upcoming tour dates:

Google Plus:


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