Science fiction for (and about!) touring indie musicians by SARAH PINSKER

I have never shared a science fiction story on Rock And Roll before, but ‘Our Lady of the Open Road’ by musician and author Sarah Pinsker is definitely worth reading for indie musicians – especially those of you who know what it’s like to be on the road. This near-future science fiction novelette (AKA a long-ish short story) also just won the Nebula Award  so it’s bonafide good stuff.

In ‘Our Lady of the Open Road’ Pinsker vividly describes a band busting their asses on the road, driving from town to town in a world where original music and live music has almost been obliterated by a music service called StageHolo…

Pinsker’s story first appeared in Asimov’s, June 2015.

A short excerpt:

“No kidding! You look familiar. Have I heard of you?”
“Cassis Fire,” I said, taking the question as a prompt for a name. “We had it painted on the side for a while, but then we figured out we got pulled over less when we were incognito.”
“Don’t think I know the name. I used to have a band, back before…” His voice trailed off, and neither of us needed him to finish his sentence. There were several “back befores” he could be referring to, but they all amounted to the same thing. Back before StageHolo and SportsHolo made it easier to stay home. Back before most people got scared out of congregating anywhere they didn’t know everybody.

Check out the whole story at Pinsker’s website: Our Lady of the Open Road.

Sarah Pinsker’s official website / Facebook / Twitter


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