Track of the Day: Living the Dream, by The Bad Flowers

My track of the day today comes from The Bad Flowers. “Living The Dream” is from their excellent new EP “Killing Time”, available on iTunes:


If you like that, grab the EP, it’s brilliant!

The band also have another EP “Vicious Lullabies“, which I downloaded as soon as I’d listened to the “Killing Time” EP, wanting to hear more from them! “Vicious Lullabies” was released last year, and contains 5 awesome tracks. They remind me a bit of The Cult and have a raw and gritty rock and roll sound 🙂

The Bad Flowers have been getting rave reviews, and I’ve seen many on social media saying how great they are live, too. A band to watch.


They’ll be supporting Crobot on tour in June, alongside Dirty Thrills!



The Bad Flowers have also announced some other gigs in May and June. Details here:

Band links:







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