Gig review: Buck and Evans/Chasing Cadence – The Barfly, London – 13.05.16


I’ve been following Buck & Evans for a few years now. I interviewed them back in 2014 when I was blogging at the UK Music Directory. I’ve copied that interview over to this blog as the UK Music Directory has closed down. You can read it here:

Back in 2014, Buck & Evans had just released their first EP. They have come a long way since then and I’ve wanted to see them live for ages. I was thrilled to be able to catch their show at The Barfly last night.

I also caught the support band, Chasing Cadence, a young band from Hertfordshire. They play heavy rock and I absolutely loved their show. I’d never heard of them before last night, but am now a fan! They put a lot of energy and passion into their show. The singer brought his microphone stand down into the crowd and spent much of the gig singing there rather than on the stage! I think the stage may have been too small for the type of show this band puts on. They definitely need a bigger one 🙂 A fantastic performance. They announced that they will be playing Camden Rocks Festival – 1 p.m. at Proud Camden. If you’re going to the festival, this is one band you must try to see. Definitely one of my new favourite bands.

They’ll also be supporting Chapter and Verse in a free London show at The Old Blue Last in July.



After the excellent Chasing Cadence, it was time for the main event of the evening. I’d been looking forward to seeing Buck & Evans live because I knew they would be brilliant, and I wasn’t disappointed. This is a band who have heaps of talent, from Sally Ann Evans’ awesome vocals to Chris Buck’s amazing guitar skills, they are a band that have been going from strength to strength with every song they produce. It was a mesmerising performance. I took my cousin along with me. She’d never heard of them before but is now a fan. She plays guitar and was fascinated by Chris Buck’s guitar playing for most of the evening!


The band played songs from their debut EP, and their most recent EP, including “Impossible”, “Going Home”, and “Ain’t No Moonlight”, as well as their wonderfully soulful new single “Slow Train”, and a couple of other songs that I wasn’t familiar with. They also treated us to a new song that they’ve just written. I can’t remember the title, but it sounded great and was catchy, so I was singing along by the end 🙂

It was a 45 minute set full of Buck & Evans’ bluesy rock tunes that left the audience wanting more. As Sally Ann explained, this was a “warm-up show for their Download warm-up show”!  They didn’t really need to warm up as they are already experts in their craft. A truly magical performance. You should definitely try to catch this awesome quartet while they are still playing the smaller venues.

Upcoming dates for Buck & Evans are:

June 2nd – Clwb Ifor Bach
June 12th – Download Festival

June 26th – The Louisiana,Bristol
July 15th – Chiddfest, Sussex


Band links:

Chasing Cadence






Buck & Evans







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