Album review: String Theory, by Pat Heath

I received my copy of Pat Heath’s new album, “String Theory”, a few days ago, having pledged on the Pledge Music campaign. I was intrigued by the concept behind this album and was aware that Pat Heath is a skilled and experienced musician so felt sure that this would be a collection of tracks worth having. The titles of the tunes are all inspired by molecular and astrophysics concepts because of Pat’s interest in science. I think this adds a nice touch to the album.

“String Theory” contains 9 instrumental tracks. It is a real treat for the ears. This album evokes a feel-good vibe. The music seems to be mostly guitar-based and has a very jazzy sound. There is a definite experimental theme throughout. I like the way there is so much variation in each of the tracks but each one is unique and has its own definitive sound so that it stands apart from the others on the album. They’re all upbeat tunes with lots of uplifting melodies. There is plenty going on in the individual tracks, and each one takes you on a journey where there are surprises along the way.

I enjoyed listening to all the tunes and found them very thought provoking; I could imagine many of them being used in films, programmes, commercials, or played anywhere where “mood music” is required. It’s a very original collection.

If you enjoy instrumental music, I’d highly recommend this album.

Physical copies of the album will available in the coming weeks, and online streaming soon after that. Keep an eye on Pat Heath’s social media for all the news.







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  1. […] recently reviewed his excellent new album, “String Theory”, which was released to pledgers earlier this month after a successful Pledge Music campaign. […]


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