New interview with Robb Laffoon of The Wild Young Hearts!



I interviewed Robb Laffoon (vocals/guitar), of The Wild Young Hearts last year just before the band’s album “Feel Good” was released. You can read the interview here:

Last week, the band released a free live album and when I posted the news on the blog Robb got in touch to let me know about the new music the band are working on. You can hear one of the songs, “Bad Boys” on Soundcloud.



Robb sent me a couple of unfinished tracks the band are working on and they sound great! I invited him back here for a chat about the band’s current plans.

Interview with Robb Laffoon of The Wild Young Hearts

The last time I interviewed you, you were just about to release your album “Feel Good”, what have The Wild Young Hearts been up to since then?

Hey Maria! Its been a while. Things have been very quiet from us, as we just returned from an unannounced hiatus. We had a long year of time to ourselves, for better and worse. I was getting very burnt out so I pretty much stopped doing shit, and we were all busy pursuing other things. Justin got married last year, and I finished music school in January, and I’ve been training to be a pro wrestler for about a year now. Garrett has been practicing making (and drinking) cocktails pretty avidly also.

Basically, we decided people were sick of us, and we wanted to leave for a while to make ’em miss us. We just released a bootleg of our Cali Dreams CD release show, which you can get over at our bandcamp.


Sounds like you’ve all been busy! That live album is awesome 🙂 You also recently released a great single “Bad Boys”, and I’m liking the unreleased songs you’ve sent me. Are they scheduled to be part of a new album, and if so, do you have an idea of when that might be released?

We’ll see!! Originally these were going to be for a different project, and they probably/possibly could be.  Maybe some are TWYH songs, maybe they all are.  I’m very hush on this because we have a lot of things happening over the next few weeks or so that we will fill people in on as they happen.

Sounds good!
One of the unreleased songs you sent me is called “Kanye (So High)” and includes references to various celebrities. If you could hang out with any celebrity for a day, who would you choose and what would you ask her/him?

Kanye! He’s the biggest artist on the planet right now, and I think he’s a genius who is incredibly misunderstood by the media based off of our soundbite obsessed culture.  As for what I’d ask him, I’d just want to pick his brain and try to understand how he thinks.  I’m very interested in people who I believe to be absolute geniuses in their craft, and Kanye is one.

If he was busy that day escorting North and Saint around though, my back up pick is Barack Obama.  He’s the frickin man.

Interesting choices! 🙂

I understand you’ll soon be releasing commentary versions of your albums on Spotify, so fans can listen to you talk about what went into each song, and the stories behind them. I’ve seen bands do that sort of thing on Youtube but didn’t know it also happened on Spotify. Whose idea was it to do that, and what was it like recording those commentary versions?

Yeah, I got the idea from seeing other artists do it on Spotify! It’s a great way to let people in on the stories behind the songs and it gives our fans a chance to learn more about who we are.  Plus, I think it’s a cool way to give your fans more content, which is what we’re all about right now, hence the live bootleg and bringing back the podcast and (starting soon) uploading more videos to our Youtube channel.

Recording them was a lot of fun.  We actually went and re-did them a couple times that night because we gradually starting loosening up and telling more stories and eventually we had to start cutting ourselves off so it didn’t run too long.  Those will be up and available on multiple streaming sites (Spotify, Tidal, etc) in a couple weeks, so keep checking!

You have a show in West Hollywood at The State Social House on May 27th. Have you played that venue before? What can fans expect from that show?


Never played the venue but apparently I’ve been there! Fans can expect the best show we’ve ever played, with a great set featuring our best songs and a couple awesome covers that’ll have people dancing their asses off.

🙂 Do you have any other gigs planned for this year?

We’ll see! If you told me to blink twice for yes.  I’d blink twice.

Hahaha! 😀

What have been some of your highlights as The Wild Young Hearts so far? 

Everything we’ve done has been a highlight! We put out records in back to back years, with two EPs the year before that, effectively releasing an album a year for three years.  I wouldn’t be surprised if that extends too, and I’m VERY proud of that.  We’ve had lowlights, shows with nobody there, getting signed and dropped by indie labels before we even get to do anything, etc., etc., etc.

Overall, the number one highlight has been getting to do it with friends though.

On May 28th, at 5pm Pacific Time, you’re planning to play an in studio show that will be broadcasted live on the Internet for all your fans around the world to watch. Have you done anything like that before? How do you feel about it?

We’ve never done anything like this, but I’m excited!! We’ll be taking requests beforehand, and trying to really cater the set to what our fans want to hear.  We don’t need to worry about keeping a live audience entertained, because everybody tuning in will be fans of our band who want to hear what we’re playing.  It’s gonna be fun.

I’m sure it’ll be brilliant! How can fans tune into that, and will there be a version available for people to watch at a later date if they miss it?

They’ll be able to watch it on Youtube later on, and we will be providing links on the day of the performance so everybody can join us.

Do you have any other news for your fans?

We recently had a vote and it was decided Justin is the best kisser in the band.  Other than that, just stay tuned, because news is coming from us, and you won’t want to miss it.

Hahaha! Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions, Robb. I’ll be looking out for all the news! 🙂



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