Album Spotlight: Surface Tension by Hidden Hospitals

Hidden Hospitals. For some reason, I think of a children’s game, like Where’s Waldo. But, no, Hidden Hospitals is an indie rock band, and they’re far more fun than a silly game. Last year, they released an album called Surface Tension. Their sound is a combination of soaring progressive rock and alternative rock. I’m drawn to their style a little more each time I listen. This is the type of album with nuances and complexities in the music that swirl around the vocals, giving the listener an all-encompassing experience.

  1. Surface TensionPulp
  2. Rose Hips
  3. Modern Saints
  4. History
  5. Wounded Sirens
  6. Bone Scraper
  7. Trilogy
  8. Synesthesia
  9. Animals
  10. Broken Skeletons
  11. From Toxin
  12. Surface Tension






This one is Animals:


And here is Modern Saints:


Hidden Hospitals
Hidden Hospitals


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