ROCKLAHOMA 2016 – 9 bands to watch


I’m not going to Rocklahoma this year either: every year I feel this pull, like “I should go”, and I never do. Too far away from Vancouver, too many things to do at home, too much settled in my ways, maybe. But every year I do look at that lineup of bands and imagine which ones I’d go see if I were there, and this year is no different.

Of course, there are the big guns: like this year’s appearance of Scorpions (I’d have to see them!). But there are so many great bands that have their name in smaller print on that poster, too. Here are 9 bands that will most likely rock your socks off, if you’re in the crowd at Rocklahoma.

All Rocklahoma info is available at the event’s official website.


I just love this Aussie band: rock and roll down to their bones and marrow, with outstanding vocals, lyrics, and music. Check out their latest album ‘Back To Zero‘.

Ragdoll’s official website / Facebook / Twitter

The Sword

Two words: warlock rock. Yeah.

The Sword’s website / Facebook / Twitter


A crazy-good band that is also, well, a bit crazy. High-octane rock and roll.

Wilson’s official website / Facebook / Twitter

The Glorious Sons

A Canadian band from Kingston, Ontario that is really getting some well-deserved attention.

The Glorious Sons’ official website / Facebook / Twitter

Well Hung Heart

Alt / rock / blues with a big shot of originality and energy. The band has just announced that they have finished work on a new album called ‘Live From Hybrid’ that will be released at Rocklahoma.

Well Hung Heart’s official website / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube /  Bandcamp


This is a spectacular band with some serious rock and roll chops. And you can’t argue with the tagline: ‘The youngest Rock band to ever tour the world with four consecutive years of International tour dates!’

Mystery’s official website / Facebook / Twitter

Diamond Lane

LA-based heavy metal rockers Diamond Lane are pretty damn spectacular. Their album ‘Terrorizer’ is a kick-ass release that is well worth checking out.

Diamond Lane’s official website / Facebook / Twitter


A fantastic band with a huge following and music that hits you hard, and hits you right. Their album ‘Kill The Flaw’ was released last year, and it is a must-listen.

Sevendust official website / Facebook / Twitter

The Grizzly Band

Any band that lists its genre as “punk/americana/rock” is worth a listen, and that is definitely true of The Grizzly Band. This Texas crew has a sound all its own.

The Grizzly Band  Facebook / Twitter




  1. I feel the same way about Coachella, and always feel I’m missing out on the excitement. I really have no excuse for not going, as I live only 20 miles away, but at my age (which I’m not going to specify) I honestly don’t think I could handle it.

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