Artist Spotlight: MATT STEADY – Intense and Edgy Folk

[Post by Darcia Helle, originally posted at Soundwaves Review]

Matt Steady had me at the opening notes of the first song on his album Blood Is Thicker Than Gold. That guitar – damn! And so I kept listening. The keyboard, the banjo, and the fiddle combine with that guitar to make this intense music that is an edgy sort of folk, with a dose of Celtic and a spattering of blues. I could have listened to just those instruments all day long. Then there’s Matt’s vocals, which are raspy and rough-edged, with an intensity to match the music.

Here’s a look at the album:

  1. The Roamer
  2. July of ’69
  3. Funny Old World
  4. Blood Is Thicker Than Gold
  5. Romulus and Remus
  6. Wherever You Go
  7. Skógr
  8. Jack O’kent
  9. Passion for Pinecones
  10. Music
  11. Blackbirds

This one is Skógr:

And here is Romulus and Remus:

Matt Steady also recently released a single with Darren Ellis called Steel and Rust:


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