The Funky, Cool Vibe of ‘Ghost In My Head’ by Andrew Watt

Andrew Watt plays the kind of pop/rock that makes my body move involuntarily. I turn the music on and suddenly I’m dancing. Doesn’t matter if I’m home or out in public. I pop in earbuds and dance my dogs down the street or dance the vacuum through my house. The vibe is funky and cool. Watt’s music is perfect for fans of the kind of pop/rock Maroon 5 became famous for early in their career.

Last year, Andrew Watt released an addictive EP called Ghost In My Head. All four songs could easily be radio hits.

  1. Ghost In My Head High
  2. Ghost In My Head
  3. Seeing Red
  4. Runaway







Get ready to move. This is the title track, Ghost In My Head:


Andrew Watt
Andrew Watt

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Are you dancing? 🙂


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