EP-review – TIDALWAVE ‘1992’

1992 EP COVERI reviewed Tidalwave’s self-titled EP just over a year ago (read my review) and at the time, the band was a  two-piece based in North Carolina. A lot can happen in a short time, and it certainly has for Tidalwave. Since that review, the band has relocated to Germany, is now a three-piece, and is set to release a new EP titled ‘1992’ on May 13th.

Listening to the new EP, the band’s sound is still very recognizable as Tidalwave, but the songs are stronger, and the sound richer and more confident.

Tidalwave plays heavy, alternative rock that draws on a lot influences – bands such as Silverchair and Deftones come to mind – but with its own vibe. There’s a lot of power and emotion packed into each tune, and the lyrics show impressive complexity and depth. There’s definitely an introspective mood to ‘1992’ – the three new songs all have a sense of wistfulness, frustration, and urgency about them: like longing both for what has been and what’s to come.

Dean, the band’s vocalist and guitarist, had this to say about how the move to Germany influenced the musical direction of the EP: “Coming to Berlin really pushed me to take this musical direction with the theme of being reborn. It was a chance for me to start over”.


First track ‘Saturate’ is powered by an excellent guitar riff, satisfying bass, and some great heavy drum-work, with Dean’s vocals shifting from smooth to distorted power growl. It’s a great track, and probably my favourite on this EP.

Title-track ‘1992’ is an evocative tune with a dark, heavy vibe – more great guitar and bass gives the track some nice muscle. The third and final tune, ‘Ride’, hits you with soaring emotional vocals, “why don’t you ride with me to the sun” – and once again, I just love the way the bass, drums, and guitar give the music so much weight and heft.

This new release from Tidalwave is another sure-footed step in the band’s development with strong lyrics, solid musicianship, and a sound and vibe all their own. A recommended release for anyone who is a fan of alternative rock on the heavier sound of the spectrum.

You can pre-order ‘1992’ at Bandcamp.

Tidalwave on Bandcamp / Facebook / Twitter.


  1. Saturate
  2. 1992
  3. Ride


  • Dean: vocals, guitar
  • Sam: bass
  • Marcus: drums

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