Gig review: Massive Wagons and Screaming Eagles – 02 Islington, London – 29 April 2016

It was a great night for Rock and Roll at the O2 Academy 2 Islington on Friday. I had originally booked my tickets for the Off Yer Rocka show because I’ve been following one of the record label’s awesome bands Chase The Ace for ages and haven’t seen them live yet. I was a bit disappointed when they pulled out of the show, but I’m so glad I decided to go along to the event anyway. I was not very familiar with either Massive Wagons or Screaming Eagles before the gig but listened to a few of their songs during the week and really enjoyed them. Both bands are awesome live.

There was another band playing Pig Iron, but I arrived too late to catch them. From what I’ve seen from reviews online, they were also great.

I arrived partway through the Massive Wagons set and saw about half an hour of their show. Among other stuff, they played a couple of the songs that I’d heard online, including “Tokyo”, which is a catchy song and got the crowd going.

I saw quite a few people at the event with Massive Wagons T-shirts and fans were singing along to the songs. They are the type of band that you can’t help smiling along with. They put on a fun and energetic show. I’ll definitely be listening to more of their music. They have a new album out at the moment “Welcome to the World” – from what I’ve heard of it so far, it’s brilliant.


The headliners were Screaming Eagles. From the moment they came on stage and started playing, I could help dancing along. They gave a real high-energy performance and most of their songs are catchy and are ideal for audience participation. This is the type of band you go to see for a guaranteed fun night out.

The bass player for Screaming Eagles was not at the gig, I didn’t catch the reason why, but he was replaced by the Massive Wagons bassist. I wondered when he got on stage whether Massive Wagons had decided to come back and play another set! 🙂 He fitted the band seamlessly. He did an amazing job, playing for both bands and playing very well.

Screaming Eagles’ latest album was released last year, “Stand Up and Be Counted”. It’s an awesome album, full of heavy rocking tunes. Our Maria Haskins reviewed the album shortly after its release; check out her review here:


The Off Ya Rocka record label has some great bands signed to them. You should definitely try to catch a Massive Wagons or Screaming Eagles gig if you’re a fan of great rock music.


Band links:

Massive Wagons






Screaming Eagles









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