‘London Can Take It’ – Chris Watkins, Drunk Poets, and the Album I Had To Buy

[Post by Darcia Helle – originally posted on Soundwaves Review]

This feature came to us by way of our suggestion box. I’d intended to listen to the one song provided with the YouTube link, put together a quick feature if I liked it, move on if I didn’t. I had a lot to get done and was behind, as usual. I listened to that one song. Then I listened to it again. Then I clicked over to Spotify, found that the song on YouTube was older, and so I listened to their latest album. All the way through. I drank tea and listened, didn’t do anything else, because that’s what happens when music hits me just right.

Then I clicked over to Amazon and bought the album. And I listened to it some more, as I gathered the information for this post. So now I am even further behind on my list of tasks, and I don’t care.

I’m talking about Chris Watkins and his band Drunk Poets. The album is London Can Take It. The sound is grit and beauty, mixed and tangled. And captivating. Chris Watkins’ voice is a little Johnny Cash, in that way Cash would talk-sing, so that you felt he was telling you, and only you, a story. Lou Reed had that same ability, and that influence is here in Chris Watkin’s music. Mark Lanegan also has a similar style, though I think Lanegan’s music sometimes overshadows or overpowers his vocals, the two styles not quite meshing. Back to Chris Watkins. His music is the perfect match for his vocals, in sound and feeling. His lyrics are a journey, as he shares observations on life that are both broad and personal. The tone of his voice makes me want to lean in and listen, give him all of my attention, and go with him wherever his story leads.

Here’s a look at the album:

  1. Burning Daylight
  2. Comeuppance
  3. Dead Man’s Feet
  4. Victoria
  5. Saturday Night
  6. Wolf at the Heel
  7. Nobody Loves a Quitter
  8. London Can Take It
  9. How Can You Be so in Tune
  10. Dead and Gone
  11. They Can’t Hurt You Anymore

This one is Comeuppance:

I used to think that love made the world go ’round
But I was wrong about that…


This one is Burning Daylight:

Hold on to my hand
‘Til gravity slips…

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Are you a fan of this style of music? What’s your favorite singer-songwriter album?



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