Album review – TORPEDOHEAD ‘III’

Torpedohead_IIIHot damn! Germany’s Torpedohead is back with ‘III’ – an album that is all red-hot, face-melting, head-banging goodness from top to bottom. Put the rock of the 60s, 70s, and 80s together and shake it all up with some punk and hard rock and some firecrackers, and you might end up with something like the sound and kick-ass energy on this album.

Torpedohead provided a handy explanation of the inspiration for the sound on ‘III’ when they posted this on Facebook:

“If you you play the following songs over and over on a worn out mix-tape… your ears might already get a preview of “III” !

The Faces – Ooh la La

The Police – Thruth hits everybody

AC/DC – Sink the pink

Rancid – Roots Radicals”

When I listen to this album, the thing that stands out for me is how much FUN it is. ‘III’ is bursting with energy and life, and so fired-up and catchy that I can’t stop smiling when listening to it.

First track ‘Get Off My Back’ doesn’t muck around, it just grabs you, drags you aboard Torpedohead’s speeding rock and roll train and doesn’t slow down until the last tune plays: “I’m tearing up the tracks”, indeed. Massive drums, shredding guitar, and more jagged energy than you can shake a stick at – it’s one heck of a way to start an album.

Other standout tunes include the irresistible ‘Wildfire’ with a roughed up and tasty throwback vibe; the speeding rock and roll bullet that is ‘Blood On Wheels’ – all riffs and speed, and irrepressible energy; and ‘Enough Is Enough’, with its stadium destroying vibe, kind of like 1980s hair-rock run through a rough and tumble punk-blender.

The band does slow down for some impressive balladeering on the stripped down ‘Peace of Mind’  and ‘Sweet Mystery’, both tunes shot through with wistful sadness and just enough grit and growl in the delivery to give even these slower tunes an edge.


One of the best tracks on the album is ‘Not Too Late’ – a track with the kind devilishly catchy of chorus that should be blasting out of your speakers all summer long: so damn hooky, so damn catchy…it’s a slice rock and roll perfection.

Torpedohead doesn’t let up, finishing up the album with the power-packed ‘Shanghide’, the irresistible raunchy guitar swagger of ‘Drunk On Sunday’, and finally the illicitly enjoyable and highly combustible ‘Cesspool Dreams’ – with some fab harmonica thrown in for good measure.

‘III’ is so much fun, and just bursting at the seams with rock and roll awesome: if you’ve been looking for a new party soundtrack, this is it.

Torpedohead’s official website / Facebook / Twitter


  1. Get Off My Back
  2. Wildfire
  3. Blood On Wheels
  4. Enough Is Enough
  5. Angel City
  6. Peace of Mind
  7. Not Too Late
  8. Shanghide
  9. Drunk On Sunday
  10. Sweet Mystery
  11. Cesspool Dreams


  • Vox, Guitar : Spacebrain
  • Bass, Backing Vox: Holger
  • Drums Backing Vox: Zasch


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