Play It On Repeat! ROCK N’ ROLL CIRCUS

I am beyond ecstatic that young bands are bringing back the sounds of the sixties and early seventies. This is rock at its roots, when it was raw and real. None of that damn Auto-Tune sucking the life out of the sound. I’ll refrain from jumping on my soapbox. You get the idea. I’m not a fan of generic, neatly packaged music.

Back to today’s feature. Rock N’ Roll Circus sounds like I’ve flipped on the radio forty years ago, and I love the feeling! I hear the early Rolling Stones influence, which you’d expect given the band’s name. I also hear a little Van Morrison, some Clapton in the guitar. I also hear a blues influence in their style, as well as that early sixties folk. None of it feels fake or forced, and all of it sounds spectacular.

This is Rock N’ Roll Circus’s self-titled debut album, released last year. If you missed it, you need to just go buy it. Really.

  1. RNRCalbumLower Than Low
  2. Toll Fares and Traffic Lights
  3. She Wore Me Down
  4. Back It Up
  5. I Can Feel the Fire
  6. Setting Sun
  7. Bad Time to Call
  8. Every Road I Travel
  9. Dirty Money
  10. On My Way
  11. Throw Me a Bone
  12. Waiting for the Weekend




This one is Back It Up:

Here’s Bad Time to Call:

One more. This is Lower Than Low:

Meet the Band:

Rock N’ Roll Circus

Aaron Moser – Guitars
Scott Smith – Guitars
Jeremy Holmes – Bass/Mandolin
Chris Woudstra – Vocals/Harmonica
John Oulton – Drums
Liam MacDonald – Percussion

Connect, Stream, Purchase:

Website / Facebook / Twitter / Spotify / Bandcamp / Amazon / CD Baby

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