Album review – MASSIVE ‘Destination Somewhere’

massive_destinationThere’s a 4-letter word that perfectly sums up my review of Massive’s new album ‘Destination Somewhere’, and that word is “whoa”. This album is everything that rock and roll should be, can be, and still is, if you listen to bands that are the real deal.

Massive is most certainly the real deal. This band has it all: killer vocals (Brad Marr is a beast), fantastic song writing, hooks and melodies that get in your head and won’t leave, riffs and grooves that give you goosebumps and make your heart beat faster, and enough power to knock your socks clean off. They somehow manage to weld together influences from all over the rock and roll map – Guns N’ Roses, AC/DC, the golden idols of the 1980s and 70s, punk rock, blues, and even a slice of 1950s rock and roll – to something that is, well, Massive.

The band storms out of the gate with the thunderous ‘One For The Road’, a track with drums that thump in your chest like a second heartbeat, dark-delicious bass, and the kind of guitar-work and vocals that make me want to sing along and go nuts on the dance floor.

Highlights? This whole frigging tracklist is a highlight, with Massive careening through 10 jaw-droppingly good tracks. There’s the slamming and irresistible ‘Blood Money Blues’ – a tune that got me hook, line, and sinker from the retro guitar-intro; and the swaggering, smoking hot ‘Sinking Ship’ with a shiny, old-school ZZ-top vibe. That’s followed by the glorious guitarwork on ‘The Fall’, ripping up the pavement with those heavy riffs and Marr showing off his serious vocal chops.

One of the standout tracks is the scorching ‘Made Of Stone’ – a power ballad of sorts with a blistering guitar thing going on. It’s a killer track, and ought to be played incessantly on all rock and roll radio stations.


The title track ‘Destination Somewhere’ is a hooky-as-hell rock-and-roller decked out with some outstanding guitar and bass, while the cocky ‘Up In Smoke’ revs the band’s guitar engine, leaving me gasping for breath by the end: what an amazing track!

Yeah, this is one of those albums that you listen to back to front and front to back, and then you hit repeat. ‘Circus’ is a fabulous speedster of a tune, while ‘The Way It’s Always Been’ is one of my favourites: I love how the tune starts out as a bluesy, dirty ditty, until the band cranks the power past 11.

Massive wraps things up with ‘Beaten Dog’, and what a showcase this tune is for the band: fully loaded with emotion, power, vocal brilliance, and a bluesy sadness… it might just be the best track on this outstanding album.

Since I first reviewed the original release of Massive’s debut album ‘Full Throttle’ (read my review), the band signed with Earache Records (home of Rival Sons), and ‘Full Throttle’ got a well deserved re-release internationally. For a fan like me, it’s been a long haul waiting for this album, but it was worth it.

‘Destination Somewhere’ is a brilliant second album from a killer band that should be in all your speakers, all your headphones, and all your radios. Get it, play it, crank it up.

Massive’s official website / Facebook / Twitter


  1. One For The Road
  2. Blood Money Blues
  3. Sinking Ship
  4. The Fall
  5. Made Of Stone
  6. Destination Somewhere
  7. Up In Smoke
  8. Circus
  9. The Way It’s Always Been
  10. Beaten Dog
  11. Ghost (Radio Edit)


  • Brad Marr – vocals, guitar
  • Brendan Forward – backing vocals, lead guitar
  • Aidan McGarrigle – backing vocals, bass
  • Jarrod Medwin – backing vocals, drums



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