Track of the Day: PARALYZER by Finger Eleven

I’m calling this self-indulgent Friday, because my Track of the Day choice is a song that’s been around for about nine years but still grabs me every time I hear it. This song makes me want to move, dance, sing, shout, be happy and alive. I love the vibe, the music, the lyrics. When I first bought the album this song is on, I probably played this one song at least a dozen times on repeat. So, yeah, this one is all about what I like, but I hope you all like it too.

The song is Paralyzer, and the band is Finger Eleven.

I want to make you move
Because you’re standing still…

This song is off Finger Eleven’s album Them vs. You vs. Me.


Meet the Band:

Finger Eleven
Finger Eleven

Vocals: Scott Anderson
Guitar: James Black
Guitar: Rick Jackett
Bass: Sean Anderson

Connect, Stream, Purchase:

Website / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Spotify / Amazon

So are you moving, or are you standing still? 🙂

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