Music for Charity: PROJECT AEGIS Offers ‘Angels In The Ashes’

Music for charity is a fantastic concept. We, the listeners, get killer tunes, and the money goes to help whichever causes the musicians are passionate about. Project Aegis is doing this in style. Matt Smith, the songwriter and vocalist for the band Theocracy, has teamed up with Ulterium Records and some of the best musicians to bring us Angel in the Ashes. The song rocks! And, even more important, a full 100% of proceeds go toward feeding the homeless and refugee families in Greece. All it costs each one of us is $1, but multiply that by thousands of purchases and we can help feed a lot of hungry people.

Angel In the Ashes features vocals by Rob Rock (Solo, Impellitteri), Daísa Munhoz (Vandroya, Soulspell), Vasilis Georgiou (Sunburst, Black Fate), Leah McHenry (LEAH) and Smith, as well as a guitar solo by Gus Drax (Sunburst, Black Fate). The artwork was created by Markus Sigfridsson (Darkwater, Harmony).



Bandcamp / Amazon / iTunes

Angel in the Ashes

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