KING COLOBUS Releases Bold New EP

This featured band was dropped into our suggestion box. Well, not literally, though that would have been kinda cool. They call themselves King Colobus, and they are releasing their first EP on April 22. I’ve listened to it twice, and I am loving the entirety of their sound. It puts me in a dark and dangerous alley, with black lights turning the strangers there into multi-colored shadows moving in staccato rhythm. This might sound weird, but, to me, that’s a crazy good shot of adrenaline. (What do you expect from me? I write dark suspense!) I wasn’t sure quite how else to describe their music, and so I popped onto their site to find out how they define themselves. Their statement is, “Musically, our influences stem from wherever you want them to. Give our music a chance and put it in a pigeon hole of your choosing.”

I choose to avoid pigeonholes altogether. I hear many things in their music, such as pieces of Black Sabbath and Iron Butterfly. But most of all I hear a boldness that I’m drawn to. These guys are not interested in fitting into the mainstream homogeneity.

Here’s a look at their self-titled EP:


  1. Get Up
  2. King Colobus
  3. Tits and Teeth
  4. Wait







This is my favorite track, King Colobus:

If I played you reggae tunes
Would it make more sense to you?

King Colobus

 Stewart MacPherson – Vocals/Guitar
Gavin Huck – Guitar
James Bailes – Bass
Steve Thorp – Drums

Connect, Stream, Purchase:

Website / Facebook / Twitter / Soundcloud / Amazon

Did you see the black lights in the alley? 🙂 Share your thoughts with us!

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