Album review – RUSTY G’S ‘Low’

rustygs_lowBritish band Rusty G’s, a two-piece based in Milton Keynes, cut its teeth playing gigs around the UK, and is releasing its full-length debut album ‘Low’ on May 9th. After giving this 10-track release a listen, I can report that ‘Low’ is a confident and solid release from a young band that is honing in on its own sound – melding together influences from grunge and alternative rock, as well as several other strains of rock and roll.

All ten tracks on ‘Low’ are strong, and even though the band is a two-piece, the sound is big, bold, and brawny. My favourite tunes here, the ones that really stand out for me, are the ones that stick a pound or two of dynamite into the grunge/alt recipe, blowing it up with a rough, raw live-energy. In short: the louder and heavier, the more I like it.

The album’s first track ‘Oh Yeah’ is a prime example of what this band can do when it’s firing on all cylinders: there’s a spark and attack in the intro that is reminiscent of punk rock – all jangly energy, fueled by surging anger and impatience in the vocals and lyrics, as well as some terrific jagged riffs.

Two other of my favourite tracks are the speeding rock and roller ‘The Killer’ – a fast-paced tune with slamming drums and some gritty-growly vocals; and ‘So Low’, a track that is crackling with speed and energy.


Other standout tracks are the thumping ‘Static’, with its powered-up bass and drums, and final track ‘Losing You’ – the strong guitar work really sets this tune apart.

Rusty G’s grunge-influence comes through strong on several tracks, especially the intense ‘Crawl’, and the dark and moody ‘Don’t Belong’. Clearly, any rumours that grunge is dead are false: it certainly seems to be alive in Britain.

The band quotes influences from a wide range of bands, including Foo Fighters, Jethro Tull, Radiohead, and The Cure, and you can feel those influences at work beneath the surface, with different strands of it showing up throughout ‘Low’. For me, the band elevates its sound when it melds its grunge-DNA to more straight up, heavy and hard rock – revealing some serious fire and spark.

Rusty G’s is a band with skills and drive, and you can feel the band’s passion for both music and lyrics in every track. ‘Low’ is a promising debut from a band that is clearly forging its own musical path.

Rusty G’s official website / Facebook / Twitter


  1. Oh Yeah
  2. Crawl
  3. Taking Over
  4. I Don’t Want This
  5. Don’t Belong
  6. The Killer
  7. Waiting
  8. Static
  9. So Low
  10. Losing You


  • James Finch
  • Dan Lopez

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