Psychedelic Rock by DEEP SEA GYPSIES – and It’s Free!

I think the Deep Sea Gypsies just stepped out of Woodstock. The original, in August 1969. Their sound takes me right back to early psychedelic rock. The guitar riffs are right out of that era when rock was a free-flowing experiment. The vocals are raw in that early rock imperfect perfection, tinged with blues, like if I close my eyes I’m sitting here spinning my old vinyl albums rather than streaming a current band. The sound is weirdly new and familiar, and so damn good!

They have an EP out called Cedar Hill X Rd. Here’s a look:

Cedar Hill X Rd


  1. Rock & Roll Gypsies
  2. Woke Up With The Blues
  3. Cherry Red
  4. Send Me Love
  5. Devil’s Kind
  6. Breaking Me Down
  7. Psychedelic World





This one is Rock & Roll Queen. The video fits the vibe, with the psychedelic feel of those early rock shows.

This one is Breaking Me Down. All they need here is a lava lamp, and this would be any room right out of the late 60s. 🙂

Like what you hear? I’ve got great news. The band is giving away this EP download free on Soundcloud! I don’t know how long it’ll be free, so grab it while you can. While you’re there, please help the band out with some likes and shares.

Meet the Band:

Deep Sea Gypsies
Deep Sea Gypsies

Loke Webb – Vocals, Guitar
Johnny Regimbal – Vocals, Guitar
Greg Moore – Drums
Marty Boggs – Bass Guitar

Connect and Stream:

Website / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Soundcloud


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