Interview with Murder of Five


San Diego rock band Murder of Five recently released their self-titled debut demo EP. You can get a special hand-numbered CD via Bandcamp:

The 6-track EP contains some great songs. Their brand of stoner rock has a grungy sound with catchy riffs and heavy melodic guitar solos.

You can stream the album and buy at Bandcamp:


I was impressed by the EP and think more people need to hear this band, so I invited them here to find out a bit more about them.

Interview with Murder of Five


Introduce us to the band members and tell us a bit about your musical backgrounds.

The band is:

Johnny Stevenson- Vocals
Marc Gariepy- Lead Guitar, back-up vocals
Mark Murch – Rhythm Guitar
Mike Kaufman – Bass
Erick Menchaca – Drums.

We are all seasoned players that have played the San Diego scene for many years, and have known each other for many years, but never had the chance to start something together until now.

How and when did the band get together?

Johnny Stevenson moved back from Las Vegas in 2013 and Marc Gariepy sought after Johnny to start jamming out together for the first time, then Mark Murch joined in on writing material. (We don’t really call it writing, more like jamming). Then Mike Kaufman joined the “Murder of Five” family, and a good friend of mine from high school Erick Menchaca joined to complete this no stress, no bullshit band.

Is there a story behind how the band was named “Murder of Five”?

Johnny always wanted to name a band Murder of Five. It doesn’t have anything to do with murder. The fact is that a group of crows is called a murder of crows. So we were able to use crows as logos.

12654402_592201350934593_6809822149000426934_nIt’s an awesome logo 🙂

How would you describe your music to someone who’s never heard it?

Johnny has a bluesy, soulful yet raspy unique style, which gives the music a southern Soundgarden meets Alice in Chains sound. The music has a 70’s cool straight ahead rock vibe with its own dress code. We don’t format or structure when writing.

I like that definition 😉

Who are your musical heroes?

Marc: Jimmy Page, David Gilmour, Billy Gibbons, Keith Richards, Hendrix, Randy Rhoads, Jake E Lee… the list goes on.

Who usually writes the songs or is it always a collaboration between all band members?

We record every practice – the first ten minutes or so, Erick starts off with a drum beat, that’s when the jamming comes into play with a mix of hooks and riffs that sometimes lead to something else. We never know what’s gonna happen. A lot of our songs have started out that way. It’s a great way to start practice.

What usually comes first, the lyrics or the music?

The music comes first most of the time. Just happens that way.

You recently released a debut EP. Tell us a bit about the songs on that EP and what inspired them.

We like to think that we have a different sound. I like riffs that are awkward like “Battle Within”, the song sounds simple, but the timing on that song is interesting. Kinda like in 3rds. The fact that we’re all friends and have known each other a long time makes for good storytelling.

Do you have any favourite songs to play live?

“Circle of Crows” has a soft spot, not a complicated song, but a good feel. We normally close with that one. “I Don’t Even Care” has a nice raw in-your-face sound.


Do you have any gigs/tours planned?

We plan on opening up for Guns N’ Roses, soon as we contact Axl. Just kidding. No current tours yet. Just San Diego local shows.

Ha! You never know, Axl may be reading this 😉

What are some of the challenges facing bands just starting out?

Promoting original music has always been tough, especially in San Diego. Not a lot of support from original clubs. (Tough crowd).

Which are your favourite social media sites, and why?

Reverbnation is cool, it’s like Candy Crush for dudes. It keeps you hungry to climb the charts. Band Camp is a great tool also, where our shirts and CDs are available. Facebook keeps all of our peeps up to date.

If you could write/compose a song with a musician (dead or alive), who would you choose and why?

Chris Robinson of The Black Crows – A jam session would be epic on the making of Southern Harmony album. Great music, great vocals.

If you could tour with any other band, who would you choose and why?

Alice in Chains, because we love the music and respect the guys for what they’re doing (a band that sticks to their roots).

Your music would be great as support for AIC 🙂

Iron Maiden – just because they’re badass (longtime fan) and we would love to fly Ed Force One. LOL

Taking a trip in Ed Force One would be cool! 🙂

Any other news for your fans?

We plan on recording new stuff soon, we also hope to gig outside San Diego. Just trying to go viral.

Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions! I hope 2016 will be a successful year for Murder of Five!


Murder of Five will play a gig this Saturday,  April 16th at The El Cajon Grand, San Diego. Details:

Band links:







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