Featured Album: Inky Ovine by Jas Patrick

When I first listened to Harpy, the single off Jas Patrick’s EP Inky Ovine, I was immediately drawn to his bluesy guitar playing. Then in comes his vocal, which is a little raw and full of ache. So of course I listened to the rest of the EP, and I found it’s a steady stream of cool, funky, bluesy tunes that make me do this dance-groove-step as I’m moving around the house. I had this whole rhythmic routine going as I folded laundry. Yeah, I know, laundry! There goes my rock star image.

Anyway, back to the music. Here’s a look at the album:

Inky Ovine


  1. Harpy
  2. Party Line (Classified)
  3. Inky Ovine
  4. Little Bug
  5. Didn’t Ask
  6. Snow Day





Ready for a sample? The video is… well… I’ll let you decide. This is Harpy:

This one is the title track, Inky Ovine. The song feels like reggae mixed with blues. A cool groove, perfect for folding laundry. 🙂

Jas Patrick is a one man band.

Jas Patrick
Jas Patrick

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