Guest Post: J. Michael Radcliffe – Outback

Today, I have invited one of my fellow authors here. Last night on Facebook, he posted a video of a song he found and he seemed so passionate about finding it that I thought it deserves a blog post so that others can listen to the music! So please welcome J. Michael Radcliffe who is here to tell us about his new discovery: the group “Outback”.


(Author, J. Michael Radcliffe)


Group – Outback
Songs – Baka, An Dro Nevez, Animal Life

Music is a very personal thing to me. Growing up in the Midwest or the South, depending on where one considers Kentucky to be located, I was exposed to music at a very early age. Located just 2 hours from Nashville, the home of country music, Kentucky is considered the home of ‘bluegrass’ music which itself has Irish, Scottish, and Welsh roots. Ironically, I am not terribly fond of either genre; in fact, I do not identify strongly with any musical genre in particular. I will listen to anything from classical, opera, 80’s music, to electronic or pop music, depending on my mood. What I can say is that occasionally I will stumble across a song or a group that I immediately love. Such is the case with the group ‘Outback.’

I first came across one of their songs just this past week while on vacation at Disney World. Strolling through one of the many gift shops at Animal Kingdom, I noticed a song playing over the speakers. I quickly opened my Shazam app and it identified the song as ‘Baka.’



As soon as we returned home, I did a search through the iTunes store and discovered the group was named ‘Outback,’ and I found the two albums they produced.

Originally started in the late 1980s, the band released their first album, ‘Baka,’ (sharing the same name as the title track) in 1990, and their second album, ‘Dance the Devil Away,’ in 1992. Sadly, the group dissolved that same year; however various members went on to form other groups.

After downloading ‘Baka,’ I found two other songs I loved just as much – ‘An Dro Nevez’ (also from the first album) and ‘Animal Life’ from the groups second album.

‘Animal Life’ is probably the quickest paced of the three, and features the added West African percussion of Senegalese Sagar N’Gom.

All three tracks feature an aboriginal didgeridoo, as well as a quick paced percussion, mandolin, and acoustic guitar. I can’t explain it, but there is something I absolutely love about the music – something about the deep tones of the didgeridoo contrasted by the sharp metallic tones of the mandolin resonate with my very DNA. Listening to the tribal rhythms of their songs transports me to another time and place, and spirits me away from the frenetic pace of life in 2016.

As a writer of fantasy stories, there is one constant thread that is ever present when I write – music. It energizes my imagination, hermetically seals my consciousness against reality, and allows me to escape into the story I am writing. Music, especially like that performed by ‘Outback,’ helps me create the magic that breathes life into my characters (especially the dragons, but that’s a topic for a different blog).

You can find both the band’s albums on iTunes:


Stream free on Spotify:


Thank you to Michael for this feature. You can find out more about Michael and his books at the following links:





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